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Company «Garmoniya Sveta»

Garmoniya Sveta develops lighting projects at high professional level since 2001, having acquired great experience in this field. Through professional equipment selection we combine esthetics, efficiency and maximum luminosity of spaces. For equipment selection middle- and upmarket brands only are used what guarantees high quality and design standards. We efficiently solve complex tasks of creating comfortable and functional light ambience on various kinds of objects. 

The geography of our projects is not limited by the territory of the Russian Federation. We also carry out projects in CIS countries, as well as in the EU. 

List of brands officially represented by Garmoniya Sveta you can find in “Brands” sector. 

Among our regular clients are::
ABD Architects • TOTEMENT/PAPER • Ginzburg’s Architects • P. Romanov’s workshop • МАО • AM Atrium • Fudes • Gint-M • Capital Group • Pridex and others

About us

Among our main customers are architectural and design bureaus, construction and architectural-construction companies, private customers.

Garmoniya Sveta guarantees its customers high-level quality of the lighting calculations and equipment selection. Project department staff consists entirely of professional engineers, lighting technicians, lighting engineering graduates of the Moscow Power Engineering University (MPEU). The Project Department of the Garmoniya Sveta remains constant for many years now. This is a well-coordinated team of associates who are up for any, even the most difficult, task in the field of lighting design.
Our staff visits the international fairs on illumination (Euroluce in Milano, Light + Building in Frankfurt-am-Main) every year, and also takes part in trainings and internships under European manufacturers’ guidance. 

We do our best to involve best specialists of architecture and design into the light project development, in order to always get the best possible result.